Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Carbon Monomania

However did the Greenshirts manage to simplify the mindbogglingly complex field of climate down to a single variable: carbon dioxide? (That is, without being laughed out of town.) A generation ago Benoit Mandelbrot and other founders of Chaos Theory demonstrated that fractal systems must defeat the mightest Kray computer. Blind to the limits so defined, the numpties of the Hockey Team try to guess the weather* in 2100AD based solely on the useful trace gas found in beer.

A tenacious dude called Justthefacts contributed this guest post to the award-winning Watts Up With That website in July 2011. With great stamina he talks us through the many variables which have - or may have - an impact on the climate:


And the Watermelons** would have us believe that rising CO2 caused the 1975-1998 TWWP***? There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy.


*Weather: something very hard to guess beyond next week. Do not confuse with Climate: the weather at a future date after the career and natural life of the predictor.

**Watermelons: Lapsed Trots who have migrated to environmental extremism: green on the outside and red on the inside.

***Teeny Weeny Warm Period

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  1. Sir, you don't have some deep insight that climatologists somehow missed. CO2 wasn't just picked out of a hat. Its heat-trapping effects have been studied since the 1800s and we know it's the main driver of "radiative forcing" because it remains in the atmosphere, trapping heat for many decades. Other GHGs (like water vapor) wash in and out, but CO2 modulates their effects over time. We need to conserve oil, either way, since it's finite. Only crackpots have claimed that it's abiotic. There's no logical reason to consume more and more fossil fuel, given how critical it is to society. It's an ancient solar-energy savings account, not income, but many people waste it like bathwater and drive vehicles far bigger than they need, or idle engines for lazy conveniences.

    To me, the main problem with carbon monomania is "landscape change denial," especially with regard to industrial wind turbines that destroy natural scenery and kill birds & bats while claiming to be green. We shouldn't be ruining nature's physical grandeur just to slow global warming a bit. An industrial countryside is depressing.