Friday, 17 June 2011

Living With Four Degrees

In 2009 BBC Radio 4 broadcast a play entitled "Getting To Four Degrees".

At first sight it's ironic: a sendup of the most Pythonesque excesses of Global Warming alarmism. But, a few minutes in, the sane listener realises that the comedy is unintentional: the play is utterly serious; devoid of humour. The millions of climate refugees heading for Britain and being billeted on unwilling families no joke, they forecast this. The Coastal Relocation Authority banging on the door and evicting people from their houses: no joke, they forecast this.

Interspersed with the fictional portrayal of a world blighted by Global Warming are some experts. There's a University professor who says - and I quote - “I mean there are some things in science, you know, gravity will remain roughly the same, there will be lots of things in science that remain the same. And therefore we can say quite a lot about the physical makeup of the world. And if you know there’s 9 million billion people in there about how they may respond.”

I hesitate to name the distinguished academic from Manchester University. Follow this link to hear him condemn himself with his own equine faecal matter:

Now, who would like to speculate at the intellectual processes of the people who advocate the suspension of civil liberties with such great ease?

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