Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Climate Change is Real

With a heavy heart I have to concede that the Greenshirts were right all the time. There is such a thing as climate change. And it's damaging Scottish agriculture:

Click on image for details. There's plenty more at the excellent Real Science website.

And there's drought in Britain:

And the following pillars of propriety agree that we're going to hell in a handbasket:

Oxfam       WWF     Greenpeace    Friends of the Earth  10:10  Prince Charles
UK Government

Now these authorities wouldn't alarm the public unneccessarily, would they? Here are some examples of their pearls of wisdom:

Oxfam: "We're huge supporters of the proposed Robin Hood tax."
WWF: "Adopt a polar bear."
Greenpeace: "Nuclear power will cost the Earth... renewable energy...cheapest... solution."
FoE: "The world is warming and we humans are the cause."
10:10: "What if everyone... got involved? City councils, post offices... donkey sanctuaries..."
350: "Building a climate movement in Afghanistan isn't esay."
Prince Charles: "we have just 96 months to avert 'irretrievable climate and ecosystem collapse' "
UK Gov't: "The UK is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050"

The reader may detect a hint of irony here. But there's a serious issue here, so I'll drop the mockery and talk straight. Environmental extremists have played a very shrewd game; they have manoeuvred their crazy scare story into mainstream thought. The major green groups - once earnest and sincere nature lovers - have been taken over by extreme lefties with an antidevelopment, anticapitalist agenda. These uebergreen groups have managed to influence public policy, at least in the West. On one level one is forced admire their skill and determination. They have taken over the establishment and, with that access, gained vast funding for propaganda purposes. Using the public's own money to finance a public disinformation programme is pretty darn cunning! I suspect that our politicians have been slightly yellow-bellied, fearing that the violent tactics of animal rights extremists might descend on them and their families, and hence given them free passage. Or maybe our senior politicians actually believe this nonsense having watched An Inconvenient Truth. Or - and this interpretation hurts the most - it's the Chief Scientific Advisors who bear most of the blame, spouting the Global Warming hogwash to their political masters and ushering in the 'carbon' fixation. (Ferchrissakes, these people have sublime advocacy skills! Who'd have thought it possible to trash the reputation of a member of the Periodic Table?! Oxygen is wondering if he's safe and poor old Nitrogen is expecting a midnight raid.)

But as the pesky planet refuses to cooperate with their dire warnings, as Global Warming fails to materialise, the days of this scam are numbered. The laws of physics are not subject to hype, and the gullible public is slowly coming to realise it's been conned. There's some way to go yet, such is the power and momentum of these wicked vested interests: I fear that this craziness may endure another decade, but eventually 'the truth will out', the man in the street will growl that the Globe ain't bloody Warming, and extreme-greenery with its carbon taxes, its monstrous windmills, its impoverishment of the less well-heeled will fail. Global Warmery will become electoral suicide for politicians who currently walk in fear of green activists.

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