Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Past is Getting Colder

Wanted: a detective. Mission: to track down Iceland's temperature records from a century ago.

These records would have been written in ink on paper. They may still exist in an archive somewhere. If they can be found, and images of the originals can be made public, then a scientific fraud can be exposed.

Last year I wrote a piece called GISS - Strange Anomalies, where I showed the gradual lowering of historical temperatures in the Arctic by the NASA division GISS - the Goddard Institute of Space Studies headed until recently by global warming fantasist James Hansen. It has got worse...

I presented screenshots from GISS in which they publish the "historical data". But the past is changing - or rather it is being changed by these scoundrels. Rather than becoming blinded by a blizzard of data I chose - in a tight focus - the first 3 months from 1900 at the Icelandic place of Teigarhorn. There's more detail at the GISS - Strange Anomalies page, so please do visit it. In particular it examines the basis for the warmists' claim that the Arctic is warming faster than where you live.

In November 2011 GISS were reporting Teigarhorn's temperatures around 1900 thus:

Year       Jan       Feb      Mar

     The temperature at Teigarhorn in Jan 1900 was 0.7C

They then changed their minds and in March 2012 reported thus:
     Year     Jan       Feb     Mar

The temperature at Teigarhorn in Jan 1900 was -0.2C


Today, at August 2013, late-Victorian Iceland has got colder still:

  Year       Jan         Feb        Mar

The temperature at Teigarhorn in Jan 1900: -0.5C
 One begins to worry about those poor people in Edwardian times. The past is getting colder fast!
You can take a look yourself at GISS's constantly shifting historical data. Try here:

If that link has broken then try here instead:
Then click on "Teigarhorn" and at the foot of the resulting page a link invites you to "download monthly data as text", and you should see the latest version of the matrices above.
What might their motive be for - ahem - restating historical data? This data, we may be sure, was once written down in unambiguous digits. Why has it been 'got at'?

My working hypothesis (which I will be happy to ditch given evidence refuting it) is that people within GISS are attempting to perpetuate the myth of Global Warming, and since today's temperatures stubbornly refuse to shift (flat since 1998!), they are 'making the past cooler' by fraud.